Pixels are all the images we have access to through the various screen that surround us today.
Each time we go the a movie theatre, each time we turn on our TV, our laptop, our tablet or smartphone, we pay attention to pixels.
We finance them, we produce them, we share them… whatever name we give them.

Pixels have been classified in various categories : TV series, documentary films, webdocumentaries, webseries, aapplications, articles, pictures, digital books, blogs, etc.

For various reasons, the way pixels have been classified is often no longer appropriate and the rules we inherit from prove to be inadequate against our digital practices.

We inherit from a situation.
It is up to us to invent the future.

Whatever the nature of the pixels we create or pay attention to, what truly matters is :
– the quality of the experience they offer,
– the message they deliver and the values they convey,
– the respect (of our intelligence / of our privacy /…) they show us,
– how trustworthy they are,
– the (artistic / editorial) freedom we have when we create them,
– the position we have in their business models,
– the world they contribute to shape.